AIGA Chaircuterie


I was selected to be apart of AIGA’s 100-year celebration exhibit called Chaircuterie. Here is the description from AIGA’s website:

Here’s the backstory: AIGA turns 100 this year. With a nod to the founders who provided their own chairs for the inaugural meeting, we’re marking this milestone in Colorado with an original selection of chair designs. One hundred stellar creatives are being asked to craft 25 full-size chairs, 50 miniature chairs and 25 two-dimensional chair representations.

This event supports AIGA Colorado mentorship programming and the Denver Art Museum’s Department of Architecture, Design and Graphics, steward of the AIGA Design Archives. This program is supported by Denver Arts & Venues Cultural Partner Program and the McNichols Civic Center Building.

I started designing this piece with geometric asymmetry in mind. I wanted to create a chair that was abstract yet seemingly designed. I achieved this using mostly straight-edged triangles and, sparingly, curved-edge triangles along critical the edges and eye line of the chair.

For the color palette, I chose is a comprised of vintage tones that nod back to the mid-century design in which the chair design was modeled after. Using a muted brick red-orange, olive green, brown, and light and darker beige as the base and shadow, the colors allowed a simplistic floor as well as color accents throughout the piece.

The artwork was auctioned off at the event generating much-needed scholarship funds for AIGA students.