Alooi Service Now

1 Day / UX


ABC Service Now

Prokarma was contracted by ABC (name/colors changed) to overhaul their employee intranet and ticketing system. In order to win the contract PK needed to produce UI comps to highlight the possibilities of the service now platform and the design chops of the PK design team.


Initial Sketches

Due to the fast turn around in order to meet the SOW deadline, I mostly relied on rough sketches right into UI since I was the sole designer on the project. I wanted to produce something with a nice hero image and sticky header to relate with the company’s bold branding as well as provide a medium for any announcements that might need to be made.


Final UI and Prototype

After working with the PO and team, we hammered out a few more details on the ticket management system which was an important feature for the IT staff. We proposed a simplified ticketing system which allowed both ticket submitters and reviewers to perform their tasks quickly. (prototype below)