Civil Heathcare

1 Day / UX


Civil Healthcare’s Ticketing System

Civil (name changed) approached PK to have us update their internal IT ticketing system and employee intranet. Their SOW included highlighting search functionality and a robust library of help articles. In order to secure the contract, Civil provided some initial capital for example mockups illustrating our design, dev, and template capabilities.


Initial Research and Sketches

Due to the quick turnaround, I didn’t have much time to really dig into the UX process as much as I would like but I did sketch out some ideas and feature sets I wanted to explore. Building on my past knowledge of the system and client brand position, I was able to organize the project into digestible feature sets.


UI and Prototype

Utilizing our client’s branding specifications and position, I was able to quickly mock up the UI highlighting the critical feature requests on the SOW.