Dignity Health


Dignity Health’s Simplify App

Simplify is Dignity Health’s internal employee news, alerts, and help desk app. DH’s newly formed digital transformation approached Prokarma and worked with us to realize their vision for what their employees needed for success.

This project covered, both native Android and iOS, as well as a web admin portal, enabling employees to log in, create a profile, browse company news and alerts, as well as submit helpdesk tickets. Inheriting this project late in its fragmented development and design MVP design-cycle, I had the opportunity to recommend some positive UX changes with minimal dev impact.

Establishing the “Why”

Working with a relatively inexperienced project team, one of my main roles was the chief question asker (CQA). I was asking questions to ensure the following:

  1. Would what I deliver be useful to the customer
  2. Would what I deliver be what the client wanted (or thought they wanted)
  3. Would what I deliver be technically feasible and within scope?
  4. Would what I deliver be scalable if the scope of the project changes?

Asking probing questions helped both our PO and myself align on what was expected to be delivered so when it came time to deliver, there were no surprises at demo.


The Old Profile and Newsfeed Pages

Suffering from a major lack of hierarchy and icon overload, the first go around of the Simplify app needed some TLC. Working with our Devs and our PO, we were able to establish the low-hanging fruit and push some UX changes without blowing out the scope.



Through conversations, emails, sketches, and slack, we were able to hone in on the why of each page and what the goals of each page and feature should be.

The profile page benefited from a 1 column layout and compartmentalizing of similar content. The Newsfeed page lost the icons and we added a featured post row in which an admin can share urgent and tailored content for that user.


Approved UI and Invision Link