Dish Service Now



Dish Network Service Now Redesign

Dish approached Prokarma to help them with the redesign of their employee service portal. Dish’s self-service tool was buggy and hard to use which resulted in lost productivity and long call-queue for technical support. Working with the POs from Dish we were able to research user and tech-support needs, perform current system user testing, and develop a prototype-template for their devs to implement.


Initial Research, Notes, and Sketches


Looking through Dish’s brand guidelines, the initial user research information, and some initial fact-finding email and calls, the team was able to start defining clear goals and KPIs for this project. After the main goals and KPIs were established we worked on defining timelines and checkpoints for the redesign.  We also explored some interaction experiments between our two main defined user groups (power and occasional users).



Exploring the SOW and digging into the feature list, IA requirements, and business requirements,  I was able to start the initial wireframe process and do some quick sketches to get approval to move forward. As this feature needed to be templatized, I attempted to bring many Material UI features so that devs could utilize the Material libraries.



Initial UI

Following up on my wireframes and vision for this project, I popped over into sketch and began some initial UI exploration. Following Dish’s branding, bringing in some Material elements, and capitalizing on previous self-support work and research, I was able to mockup some initial comps indicating the overall UI direction. After meeting with the Dish stakeholders and fellow UXers, we tweaked a few of the features and tightened up the UI.


Final UI

Bringing in higher fidelity illustrations, adding some UI layering, and fleshing out the details, we were able to produce a UI template that was on brand and fulfilled the client’s goals. We were also able to bring in a few different treatments in order to give the client flexibility and future scalability within the portal.

Prototype and Final Results

PK and Dish did some final UI hallway testing with our prototype and it tested well but due to existing contracts and the SOW, we couldn’t do a full test nor gather analytics for our KPIs. Dish would be taking over dev and monitoring the success of the project and design going forward. However, due to solid design processes and clear outlining of goals, both Dish and PK expect positive impacts to Dish’s service portal issues.