Sprint Money Pass

1 Day / UX


Sprint Money Pass™ App

Late in the contract and SOW process, Prokarma got asked to produce some designs based around the loosely developed SOWs in order to help the POs understand our capacity and vision.


Initial Research and Sketches

Like all my projects, I start researching, data finding, and sketching early in the process. Since we only had one day to turn this all around, I had to shorten this process significantly. Like most apps, retention and signup are huge issues. One of the most powerful tools UX designers have at their disposal is a good onboarding system. My goal with this offer app was to make it roughly a scratch-off concept where a user would have a chance to reveal the screen to win a prize every day. Before signing up, a user would get to play, win, and in order to claim, need to sign up.


Final UI and Prototype

Since this was a speed run design-wise, I went right into final UI. Making edits on the fly and producing something to share the onboarding vision. Overall, the feedback on the onboarding process was positive and Sprint and PK are now entering talks to flesh this concept out further.