Support Redesign


Customer Self Support Redesign

The support team approached the design team to lead the redesign of the customer support portals across the multiple platforms. The customer support, or Care team, was facing ever-increasing customer calls and an aging web-presence that wasn’t meeting the needs of their customers. Care needed to reduce call volume and create a more usable and adaptable portal.


We took a rather unconventional approach (for Charter) with this initiative. We decided to split into teams and in 24 hours present ideas and design solutions for what the support portal could aspire to be. We were first presented with data, pain-points, limitations, and customer feedback. After reviewing the data we did some quick card sorta and journey maps followed by numerous whiteboarding sessions. With initial flows in place, we quickly drafted up the rough UI and imported it into invision for our presentation.

UX Phase

After mulling over the results and findings from the hackathon, UX and product entered the discovery phase researching, performing competitive analyses, and crafting business requirements. One of the results of the discovery was that personalization of the support content was of the utmost importance to the customer. After the business requirements were in place and discovery complete UX began designing the wireframe flows.

UI Phase

Once wires and flows were approved, UI began their discovery. During our discovery, we found issues with the responsive behavior and new revelations with the backend required pivots in design. Working with our UX, product, and Care partners, we led a design solution in which we provided the flexibility the Care team needed with the responsiveness required per our business requirements.


With much of the support site still in development, we don’t have much data to validate our design yet; however, we did implement a version of our search presentation into the current support site on the Business Portal resulting in over a 50% increase in search and 5% reduction in customer support calls.